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Payments initiation API specification

Security API specification

FCA Service Metrics for Business Current Accounts

Open Data version 2.2 API specification

Accounts information API specification v2.0

Accounts information API specification v3.1

Payments initiation API specification v3.1

Confirmation of Funds API specification v3.1

Fetches summary information on a given credit card.

Accounts information API specification v1.1

Notice to deprecate AIS v1.1 endpoints:
Please note we will be deprecating v1.1 of our Account Information API endpoints on the 16th of January 2020. Any third parties using these API endpoints should migrate to v2.0 or v3.1 as soon as possible but no later than the 16th of January 2020 in order to prevent any loss of service to your customers. We strongly recommend that you migrate to v3.1 as this is the latest version of our Account Information API endpoints.
If you have any queries in relation to this or require support to move to AIS v2.0 or v3.1 please contact

This specification defines the APIs for a TPP to submit a Software Statement Assertion to an ASPSP for the purpose of creating OAuth clients that are registered with ASPSP.

The Event Notification Subscription API Specification describes the flows and payloads to allow TPPs to subscribe to events with an ASPSP.

This specification defines the APIs for an ASPSP to aggregate and deliver multiple signed event notifications to TPPs though the use of polling.